The Internet of Things, in other words, IoT, is one of the most important yet underestimated technologies in the world. Although most people are unaware of IoT technologies, they are already using this technology in their daily life. In another sense, this proves the success of the Internet of Things and their applications in business and daily life.

Also, it is an indicator of how promising this technology is. Experts believe that almost every electronic device will be part of this worldwide IoT network in a decade. Thus, we have picked some of the best online IoT Platforms for you!

You can start your IoT business or build your application or service on these platforms easily by the assistance of Please contact us if you need more information, we provide IoT hardware and software solutions using machine machine learning and 5G technologies.

IoT Solutions and Platforms make the business and daily life more comfortable
IoT Solutions and platforms make the business and daily life more comfortable.

What Is an Online IoT Platform?

IoT platform is the network of connected devices to manage and automate processes. This lets us bring the physical objects online or spend less effort to manage, run or use physical objects with the required qualifications.

The IoT platform serves as a bridge between your devices to connect to each other and ensures that communication between the machines are safe and reliable. IoT and IoT platform are two separate terms. While IoT refers to software and hardware of connected nodes or devices, the IoT platform provides the required online infrastructure for the operation of these devices.

IoT on Tablet / iPad
IoT Systems can be controlled online via a tablet or web browser.

Here are the most promising and notable online IoT platforms in 2022 and probably in 2023. You may check out and register for these amazing platforms and also get help from us to use them in your business. While some of these platforms are paid, some of them also provide limited free services and features.

Google Cloud Platform

The technology giant Google is one of the leading companies in IoT technologies and IoT platforms. You can benefit from the excellent opportunities of this giant company by paying a monthly fee.

It offers a multi-layered secure infrastructure with machine learning capabilities. This can easily boost the performance and efficiency of the products or systems you are going to develop. On the other hand, the platform also offers real-time business insights. You can access the insights for all devices in your network.

It is one of the best platforms to boost the operational efficiency of your system. Moreover, most smart cities & buildings work on this platform or powered by Google products.

Google provides a reliable IoT Platform and Solutions
Google provides a reliable IoT Platform and Solutions.


OpenRemote is a great alternative to paid systems. This platform is completely open source and it is one of the leading platforms all around the world. You can literally create all kinds of IoT applications by using OpenRemote. These applications also include larger and professional IoT applications such as crowd management and energy management systems.

It also provides a dashboard, where you can monitor, control, and automate your applications and generate reports. You can also perform the same operations on Web UI components. Moreover, it offers a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices with push notifications for easy access and management.

However, its free version lacks some features compared to its paid plans and alternatives developed by technology giants.

IBM Watson IoT

IBM Watson is another notable Internet of Things platform that you can easily start using at any time. The costs of its services are relatively affordable compared to the industry average. You can start using this platform starting from a few hundred USD per month.

Needless to say, it offers one of the best pricing considering the great functionalities and features it provides. Some of the prominent features include artificial intelligence, analytics, domain expertise, enhanced security, and capturing real-time data.

It is worth noting that IBM Watson IoT offers analytics services as an add-on. Moreover, it provides flexible solutions for all kinds of needs in the industry.

Amazon AWS IoT Core

Amazon AWS IoT Core is also a great platform that you can consider, especially if you are a start-up. Although Amazon is famous for its marketplace, it is one of the technology giants, especially in back-end solutions. Thus, you can trust their IoT solutions with peace of mind.

The best part of Amazon AWS IoT Core is it offers a free trial for 12 months! This can be a great opportunity to cut costs while building your systems. In addition to this, there is no fixed fee for a subscription. You need to contact the sales team to get a quote.

Amazon provides solid infrastructure for IoT and Machine Learning Systems
Amazon provides solid infrastructure for IoT and Machine Learning Systems.

Microsoft Azure IoT Core

Microsoft Azure IoT Core may be a great choice for those who want to work with an experienced and reputable company in this field. This platform offers its users an open platform, where they can build their applications with solid tools and solutions.

Just like Amazon, you need to contact the sales team to get a quote. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not offer any free trial. However, it offers two amazing solutions as open source IoT templates and IoT SaaS.

The platform appeals to both experts and beginners. Moreover, Microsoft offers the best documentation on creating IoT applications, which you can start with no experience or knowledge.

Windows 10 and Microsoft - Integration of Computer and IoT
Windows 10 and Microsoft – Integration of Computer and IoT.