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Best Online IoT Development Platforms in 2022

The IoT platform serves as a bridge between your devices to connect to each other and ensures communication between the machines. While IoT refers to software and hardware nodes, the IoT platform provides the required infrastructure for the operation of this software.

Deep Learning Applications with Python, Keras and TensorFlow

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) is one of the most commonly used machine learning methods due to their outstanding success with accurately operating on various data types, and their high prediction performance. Moreover, deep learning, the most popular machine learning technique in the recent years, is also a type of ANN which consists of multiple layers […]

What is Machine Learning

Introduction Before we introduce the theory, terminology and methods of machine learning, let’s start by explaining what is machine learning and what isn’t. The categorisation of machine learning can often be misleading. ML is undeniably one of the most influential and powerful technologies in the modern world. There is no doubt, it will continue to […]

Surrogate Modelling: Data-driven Models for Machine Learning and Optimization

This article introduces surrogate modelling, creating data-driven models for machine learning and optimization applications, and gives examples of their applications. Furthermore, it presents how to construct surrogate models, lists common surrogate modelling methods, introduces a Python library consisting of implementation of these methods. The outline of this article is: Why Do We Need Surrogate Models […]

Machine Learning Techniques

In this article, we list fundamental machine learning techniques with their common applications. Furthermore, it also presents example codes and data sets that present how they can be implemented easily in Python via machine learning libraries. Machine learning methods are generally considered under two groups: Supervised Machine Learning and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms. We can […]

Machine Learning and Data Science

Machine learning (ML) techniques and their applications have been recently seen in many fields such as science, engineering, industry, education and its applications are growingly more important in every area. Its combination with data science enables …

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