When Internet of Things applications are in question, it is quite challenging to address a particular application. Any device or application that sends data over the internet is considered an IoT application. Thus, it is almost impossible to pick one without distracting the main topic.

This is why we have compiled some of the most notable fields in which IoT applications can be developed. In fact, you can find hundreds of applications in these fields today. Yet, they can still be inspired to start a new business or develop a new and practical idea.

Here are the 10 best IoT application fields that we have seen during 2022.

Technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Health Monitoring Applications

Especially, the pandemic revealed that we need a serious upgrade in the healthcare industry. This is possible by taking the advantage of the Internet of Things. Some of the notable areas to focus on in the healthcare industry include flexibility, efficiency, and enhanced modernization.

You can easily achieve all of these with unique IoT applications and improve the overall quality of the services and workflows.

Smart Grid Applications

Energy is still one of the biggest concerns and it causes a huge burden on companies operating on the industrial level. However, you can easily monitor energy consumption, gather data about energy use, or predict power outages or energy shortages with IoT.

In fact, there are plenty of successful startups and projects in this field using smart grid applications.

Retail Applications

The retail sector can be quite a profitable industry to focus on with IoT technology. You can find numerous fields to focus on and work on. Some of these include inventory management, staff, strategy, real-time product, and delivery tracking, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Most companies who want to increase their profitability are ready to invest in products that can ensure these for them.

Hospitality and Tourism Applications

Just like the healthcare industry, the hospitality and tourism industry can also benefit from IoT technologies significantly. From mobile electronic keys to improved room service, you can find many unique areas to focus on.

Internet of Things can help you to automate many workflows and thus, you can significantly increase customer satisfaction levels, which you will enjoy more profitability in return.

Hospitality is one of the sectors that IoT systems can improve: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

IoT-Connected Factories

This field is also known as the Industrial Internet of Things and smart factories are at the core of this idea. Without a doubt, factories can boost their efficiency and overall workflow by simply benefiting from primitive IoT applications.

From reducing energy consumption to improving asset tracking you can find many fields to focus on and provide solutions.

Fitness Tracking Applications

Fitness trackers became a hit about a few years ago and many companies began to offer their IoT solutions. Smartwatches are one good example of these solutions. Moreover, these applications also allow customization, which appeals to the end-users.

You can focus on both the hardware and software parts of these applications to get your share of the pie.

Farming Applications

Of course, one of the notable areas in this category is farming applications. The Internet of Things can be quite useful and boost the efficiency of farms. You can develop an application notifying the time of harvesting, fertilizing, and many others! Moreover, you can track moisture or soil nutrients to boost crop efficiency.

Self-Driving Car Applications

Just like fitness tracking applications, self-driving car applications are quite demanding and profitable as well. Many technology giants such as Google, Tesla, and even Amazon are working on different projects to be pioneers in the field.

You can also develop your own solutions to meet the existing needs in the industry. Who knows, maybe your company may be acquired by one of these tech giants.

Smart Home Applications

Of course, smart home applications are one of the first applications that come to mind when IoT is in question. The transformation has already begun and many companies such as Siemens, Bosch, Amazon, and Google are already working on the developments.

From the safety and security of your home to smart home appliances such as alarms or lights, there are numerous topics to focus on.

Homes are getting more and more smarter: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Smart City Applications

You can think of smart city applications as the broader concept of smart home applications. The Internet of Things technology can be quite useful in preventing waste, improving efficiency, and providing convenience to the residents of the city.

This is why more and more municipalities and other relevant institutions do not hesitate to make huge investments in these areas. You can easily find funds for your projects or receive the support of governmental bodies to boost your reputation or profitability.